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DAWN Manker

Professional Dog Trainer CCA,CDT


Our mission is to provide the highest quality dog training in the shortest amount of time through positive reinforcement and communication based training, that promotes mutual respect between you and your dog. 


Urbane Training places an emphasis in teaching your dog to be mild mannered and focuses on modifying those irritating qualities, such as jumping on people or stealing the food from the dinner plate.


Our services allow you to improve the quality of life with your dog by incorporating behavioral training during scheduled care, like dog walks or pet sitting, or through traditional training. In either format, reinforcement training is provided to the owner to continue to cultivate the polite and well-mannered dog.


Dawn began training dogs in 2012 with the philosophy that your relationship with your dog should be fun and comprise of two-way communication.  It may seem unimaginable, but it is possible to understand your dog’s needs and communicate back in a positive and pleasing manner.  You may even be able to get your dog to smile while doing this!


Dawn’s methods go beyond conventional dog training, with a customized focus on teaching owners and their dogs behavior modification techniques. She teaches dog owners how to read their dog’s language and to achieve desired behavior through positive reinforcement-focused training. This unique and effective approach will transform your dog into a well-balanced, well-mannered member of your family and society,  or simply an "Urbane Doggie"!



ALEXIS / Training & Sitting

Dawn has been an absolute godsend!  Last year we rescued a mini poodle mix named Harley.  This was the first puppy I'd ever had, I wasn't prepared for how much work it would be.  Desperate for help, we ended up spending a lot of money sending her to puppy boot camp.  Harley came back to us with anxiety worse than when she arrived.  


Shortly after, we were introduced to Dawn by one of her neighbors.  Within a few short days, Dawn was able to reduce Harley's anxiety to almost non-existent.  Harley is such an amazing dog and we're so thankful for Dawn's work with her - it has truly been invaluable! 

SERA / Training & Sitting

I can't say enough about Dawn, she is loving, fun and warm towards our dog Harry. She treats him as if he were her own and when Harry goes on a walk or is in Dawn's care he always has a blast and comes home happy.


I highly recommend Dawn as a pet sitter and trainer–she adores dogs and is very knowledgeable, and most importantly I finally found someone I can truly trust with my fur babies.

DANIELLE / Training 

Dawn is truly amazing!  As first time dog owners we really had no idea what to do with a puppy.  Having her as a resource was absolutely invaluable.  She was available for questions and concerns and always had great information and helpful advice.  When our sweet cavalier was old enough to start training we dove into Dawn’s program and she whipped us and the pup into shape.  She gave us the vocabulary and tools to communicate with our dog and fully integrate him into our family and home. 


He is 7 months now and follows command by voice and hand signals, is walk trained and even has a few tricks!  Dawn is such a natural with dogs and it was a pleasure working with her.  We look forward to continue using her services.  

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