Urbane Doggie is fully INSURED & BONDED and holds a current Business License with the City of Los Angeles.


"a Westside boutique alternative to doggy-daycare"

About adventures

Our dog Adventures are perfect for your adventurous, energetic dog, small or large!  All dogs must pass a complementary evaluation for general obedience and social compatibility.

We will pick your dog up to explore West Los Angeles, Marina & Playa del Rey's Parks, Beaches and Trails.  The Adventure lasts 2 - 4 hours, with the pack getting a minimum of an hour and a half of time to socialize, run, and have a blast!  With our Adventures you can guarantee that your dog will be socially satisfied and dog tired too! 

Groups are limited.  Adventures are generally between 9am-1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Through our client portal, we keep you informed with updates and photos so you can feel confident you're coming home to a happy pet.

As dog walkers and animal lovers our priority is safety, so before off-leash adventures are offered to your dog, we make sure good manners and excellent recall are in place. Once they show readiness, they can graduate to the off-leash dog adventures, if desired! 

If you are currently a client, you may request joining Adventure groups through the link below or message us through the portal.



$40 per Adventure

$30 for each add'l family dog



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